Here are some of the resources I've found helpful:

Their webpage has a section of children's lessons based on Jataka Tales.  
These will eventually be published into a book, but for a limited time they can be downloaded for free.

Dharma Publishing has a wonderful selection of children's books.

Buddha Stories by Demi
This is a small collection of Jataka Tales
Most bookstores in the US will have it in stock.
It can also usually be found at the local library.

BuddhaNet has a wonderful, free online library
It now includes an entire children's section with stories from the Dhammapada, Jataka Tales, Rahula, and many more.

The Buddhist Series: Life of the Buddha
These are another set of Student Text books for children.  They can be found at Vijitha Yapa Shop.  

The Buddhist Way of Life, by N.G.W.I. Jinasena
This is a series of text books written for 1st through 6th Grade.  They are written in English but must be shipped from Sri Lanka.  The books themselves are very inexpensive, about $1.00 to $2.00.  However, the shipping can be pricey. I'm sharing two distributors here.  

Vijitha Yapa Bookshop is here.

Lankae Shop is here.

The Story of the Buddha Illustrated Text Book
This is an online book that can be downloaded as a pdf.
You can find it by clicking here.

Each Breath A Smile, by Sister Susan
You can find more info here.

Time Out For Parents:
A Compassionate Guide To Parenting, Cheri Huber
Publishing and Purchasing Info can be found here.

Prince Siddhartha: The Story of the Buddha
by Jonathan Landaw and Janet Brooke
Publishing and Purchasing info can be found here

Access to Insight is a website full of resources that include The Dhammapada, discourses, teachings, and history of the Buddha, particular in the Theravada tradition.

The Buddha and His Teachings, by Narada Mahathera
   This book can be ordered online.  It's published with several different covers.  A free pdf of this book is available clicking here.

Buddhism Key Stage 1, by Jing Yin, Ken Hudson

It can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

Morals in the Life Story of the Buddha, by Margaret Lisa Buschmann
This book is especially helpful for working with older children.  I would recommend for teaching kids 10 and older. It can be ordered through the Buddhist Publication Society.

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